Terms of Use
ExecuAsia‘s purpose is to be “The premier organization in Asia driving interaction and exchanges of employment information between managers and quality employers.” To that purpose, ExecuAsia offers candidates interested in opportunities and employers looking for qualified personnel valuable access to information regarding professional opportunities and candidates.

Personal Information Privacy
ExecuAsia shall never distribute, sell, or make available to any third party. User information that is registered with ExecuAsia is stored in a database. Access to the information contained in the database, as entered by Users, is made available to registered and authorized employers for the purpose of filling vacations with their organization or contracted clients. What type of information the User chooses to make available to employers is their choice and can be changed at any time. Once a User applies to a position with an employer or the User makes his/her information visible to employers ExecuAsia has no control of how it is used by the employer and thus can not be held responsible for usage, distribution, or privacy.

User Rights and Responsibilities
  • Users enter information of their own free will, in accordance with the rules of usage outlined in the Terms of Usage.

  • In the case the User does not login to his/her account using his/her User ID and password, all information and data previously entered by the User may be deleted.

  • User takes responsibility for all data entered by himself / herself and its accuracy.

  • User has the ability to at any time freely alter or delete any information previously entered using his/her ID and password.

  • Prohibited Activities
    The User is prohibited from engaging in the following activities in conjunction with the site.
  • Any criminal or unlawful activities.

  • Use of the site for business or profit-making purposes.

  • Use in direct marketing, chain letter, or similar marketing schemes, activities

  • Cause damage in any form using harmful computer programs, virus or similar malicious code.

  • Improper use of ID or password information.

  • Publishing, sales, distributing, or reproducing of any information contained within the site, outside of those allowed for in the Terms of Use.

  • Immoral socially unacceptable activities.

  • Infringe on the privacy, property rights or intellectual rights of any third party associated with the site.

  • Abuse or slander any third party associated with the site.

  • Cause any disadvantage to any third party associated with the site.

  • Unsolicited advertising, promotion, or solicitation of other users via email or other electronic means via the site.

  • Cause damage or harm to the site or alter its contents.

  • Any business or personal activity not approved by ExecuAsia or those outside those outlined in the Terms of Use.

  • Any other illegal, unlawful or similar activity that violates the law.

  • If a user is judged to have violated the Terms of Use, ExecuAsia reserves the right to temporarily stop the User’s access to the site and / or permanently prohibit the User for further use of the site.

    ExecuAsia’s site contains links to third party sites. These links are provided solely as an additional source of potentially useful information. Sites, led to by these links, are not administered by ExecuAsia and ExecuAsia can not be held responsible for the contents and the User enters at their own risk. When redirected to another site via a link, ExecuAsia recommends reviewing the site’s policy on information privacy and Terms of Use.

    ExecuAsia’s site uses Cookies. Cookies are very small files used to facilitate easier access by the User. Cookies are used only for ExecuAsia’s internal purposes. They are never publicly released, sold or distributed in anyway to third parties. By using Cookies the User is able to re-login without re-inputting their ID and password. Cookies are deleted after a certain amount of time. This prevents unauthorized access to the User's information when his/her computer is unoccupied.

    Change in Terms of Use
    Changes are made in the Terms of Use as deemed necessary by ExecuAsia. All changes can be viewed on this page and / or will be sent to Users by email.

    User shall not hold ExecuAsia responsible for damage direct or indirect (including but not limited to psychological, financial, or employment status) or any other damages resulting from the use of ExecuAsia site or the information contained within. No guarantees are stated or are to be inferred.

    Intellectual Rights
    All text, graphics, visual images, software code, and all other material are copyrighted works of ExecuAsia. All rights are reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of any materials herein in any way is strictly prohibited. No resale or unauthorized use is allowed in any format.

    ExecuAsia uses every measure to protect user information. User’s information is stored and protected online and off-line using the latest technology.
    Transactions occur in (SSL) Secure Socket Layer environment. Credit card information is encrypted and protected by the best encryption currently available. ExecuAsia regularly updates its existing security techniques as well researches new developing techniques to better protect User information.
    ExecuAsia also protects User information off-line. Access to user information is restricted. Only employees of ExecuAsia with specific authorization have access to User information. Furthermore, all ExecuAsia employees are required to stay informed about ExecuAsia’s internal policies and regulations. Servers storing User information have triple-back up so loss of information is virtually impossible. Multiple layers of security prevent unauthorized access from outside sources.

    If you have any questions about these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, please contact us.
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